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Shit-Faced Combo: Can Edition - Hammered.Co

Shit-Faced Combo: Can Edition

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Includes 2 can snorkels + 1 adapter.

Stop sipping on your cans and down them like the rest of us...

🍺 Showcase your talent on social media: Nothing is more entertaining than a snorkel video with the squad! Follow @hammeredcostore on instagram and see for yourself.

🍺 Improved drinking games: Punish the losers with a snorkel.

🍺 Challenge your mates: Research suggests that a true champ can snorkel their drink the fastest.

🍺 Mix and matchGrab a snorkel adapter so that you can connect your Can and Stubby snorkels.

If you have any questions, message us on Instagram @hammeredcostore

Can you stomach it?


Drink responsibly.